Border & Square

Border & Square is a full-service studio tucked in a residential garage (This saves the studio thousands on overhead costs, enabling us to offer very fair prices to you). We have hundreds of frame choices, and can even craft unique, one-off designs as well. Many wonderful artist in and around Utah have commissioned our frames for their art, and much of them can be seen in galleries and museums in Salt Lake City.

We also love meeting new clients and framing their meaningful art and photographs. Many of them have become regulars, and we think it an absolute pleasure to help beautify their homes one picture at a time.

Kheng Lim

Kheng started out with a passion in art and eventually graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from BYU in 2016. While as a student, he learned woodworking to frame his own paintings. With that experience, he’s able to design frames that enhance the unique beauty of each individual artwork, and then carry out that design with top-level craftsmanship to bring it to fruition.

Occasionally, you may find his three-year old daughter toddling about, fulfilling her role as CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) in the studio.