Frequently Asked Questions

Fine Custom Frames

What can I expect from a consultation session?

You and I will talk about various aspects of your preferred design: décor, color, style, and conservation standards.

These will last between 20-30 minutes.

Why do I have to schedule a consultation session ahead of time?

This is so that I can provide you with undivided attention for the duration of your visit. 

By scheduling with me, you can expect a pleasant, tailored, and unrushed consultation. We can even schedule to meet outside of normal business hours, according to your needs!

Do I absolutely have to use you as my framer if I schedule a visit?

Not at all! I want to provide a service that adds value to your needs. If you think you can benefit from my services, great! If not, I’d be more than happy to refer you to another establishment that could serve you better.

Either way, I feel great having helped you, and you feel great knowing you have access to the best services available!

What can you frame?

Almost everything can be framed: paintings, prints, fabrics, clothing, fossils, diplomas, coins, medals, jewelry, dog collars, etc.

Will framing my items damage them?

Everything will be framed so that it is completely reversible, meaning no permanent adhesives or methods is used that will damage your items should you choose to remove it in the future.

How wide is your selection of framing materials?

I have access to thousands of frame style and mat colors. However, during consultation we will narrow it down to not more than five so you will not be overwhelmed by the choices available.

How much does custom framing cost?

Because prices depend on sizes, framing methods, styles and, materials, there will be a huge range in prices. On average, prices start at 120 dollars, averaging around 250-350 dollars, and can peak at over thousands of dollars.

I will ensure that all pricing will be fair and transparent during consultation, so there will be no unexpected surprises for you throughout the entire process.

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