Selecting the best picture frame is one of the most important parts of interior design, without a doubt. You want to carefully choose which styles and color palettes work best with your artwork or photos. There are so many factors to consider before reaching your desired look—we’re here to help with that.

Read more on how to choose the right picture frame for your home, office or commercial space.

Take A Look At The Interior Design Of Your Space

Before you even begin shopping for all kinds of random picture frames, it’s a better idea to have a look at your space first. What are some of the feelings your space’s interior design gives you?

Does your space feel more organized, more abstract, more classic, more contemporary? If you aren’t sure, you can ask for a second opinion. For those who are certain of their room’s aesthetic, consider the following:

Classic Interiors

If your interior design style looks more classic with traditional wall colors and fittings, you should also find more classic picture framing. A classic look might include period furniture pieces that would pair great with elegant, modern frames. Look for silver, gold, black and natural wood picture frames to complement the accents in your furniture and fittings.

Contemporary Interiors

If your home or office space has a more modern feel, with steel or exposed brick, you want a picture frame that will provide a bold impact. In many ways, picture framing with modern and funky interiors can be liberating for your home or office. Consider chunky metallic picture frames with classic finishes to further add to this contemporary look.

Your Wall Color Makes A Difference

The wall colors where you’ll be displaying the frames is also very important. Getting the right picture frame to complement your wall colors makes a significant difference in the impact of your artwork or photographs. You wouldn’t use a white picture frame on a white wall, would you?

It’s important to not only create contrast on your walls but to match the contrasting colors and tones so they complement each other, for example, using a gold frame on a more neutral wall. However, adding a gold picture frame to a rich red background color instead would make a stronger impact.

Your walls don’t always need to have color, by the way. Adding a monochrome montage with black, grey, or white frames will make any plain wall really pop. Wooden picture frames in walnut or a nice oak will also warm up a more neutral interior.

Focus On Fixtures And Fittings

Fixtures and fittings can have an influence on the style of picture frames in your space. If your kitchen or bathroom has a lot of chrome or silver fittings, you should avoid silver frames. They could match too much and eliminate depth from the room.

In these cases, try a bullet grey metal or brass instead. Both are still modern and fashionable and both provide contrast. These small changes can make a big difference in the overall feel of any room.

Your Ceiling Height Could Have An Impact

The height of your ceiling can make more of an impact on picture framing that you’d think. Generally, you want a good height to help people’s eyes focus on the artwork or photographs within the frame. For example, a gallery height between 160 to 175 cm from the ground is an average eye-level height.

However, the ceiling height doesn’t have to determine the types of picture frames you should buy. Rather, the height influences the mood of the room, and certain picture framing can create a better ambiance in your space.

If you have high ceilings, consider bolder picture frames. They work better than in a smaller room with a lower ceiling. Bolder frames complement the great amount of space higher ceilings provide.

If you have low ceilings, you can try putting fairly tall picture frames up. A portrait dimension could accentuate the height of the room while a landscape dimension might make the room feel too snug.

Take A Look At How Much Daylight The Room Receives

How your bedroom, bathroom, office space or other room is lit can affect the picture framing. A dimly-lit versus a well-lit environment changes the impact of the artwork or photographs. Before purchasing a bunch of picture frames for your place, think about the following:

Light: Is your space bright, airy and with lots of natural light? Avoid pairing those tones and colors of the walls with the color of the picture frame. This can prevent any detail in the picture frame’s moulding from getting lost or negating the overall aesthetic.

If you choose a contemporary picture frame that is shiny, for example, this style would work very well with lots of natural light and direct sunlight entering the room.

Dark: Is your space is lacking natural light? You can still light up the room by using brightly colored picture frames or something reflective such as chrome silver mirror metal. These picture frame styles bounce the light provided by artificial light around the room.

Before You Choose Your Next Picture Frame…

Practice makes perfect when choosing the best picture frame for your space. The most important thing is not to worry too much about selecting “the wrong picture frames”. You can always move your artwork and photographs around or re-purpose them to further improve the look of the room.

And if you’re having any challenges with picture framing, please reach out to our team—we would love to assist you!