Oil Painting, 18″x24″

This is a wonderfully delicate painting, and I wanted to give it a frame gives it presence and preserve its delicacy at the same time. I combined two frames: a thin modern inner frame and distinctive zebrawood for the outer frame. This painting was done over a wood panel, and its durability meant no glass is needed to protect it. (Oil paint that is allowed to dry over a period of decades basically becomes plastic and that makes it very durable).

Customer Testimonial

“I have several of my grandmother’s paintings that I love having on display in my home. Before using Border and Square, I bought frames from shops that were as close as I could find to the right fit. One of them left a slight gap at the top of the painting and the other ended up being crooked. Additionally, they were only somewhat near the right shade and style. Border and Square not only created frames that are perfectly matched in style and shade, but also are so beautiful, the artistry creating a lovely display in my home. The design of the frames pulls from the paintings, creating a sense of completion rather than competition. The quality of work is excellent, very detail oriented and a flawless finish. Having Border and Square create custom frames for this art was a dream come true, displaying my grandmother’s art quite perfectly.”
— Seretta H.

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